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Practical design crash course

Expedite business branding workflow

Live on March 25 2 – 3pm EST

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1-hour long hands-on workshop, covering:

  • Design fundamentals for non-designers

  • Essential beginner tools to start jamming with image editing

  • No former experience necessary!

Expedite expert class leveraging Adobe CS

  • Image editing with Adobe Photoshop

  • Logo tracing with Adobe Illustrator

  • Intro to Adobe Indesign, Video editing with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects


About your prof ;)

AlizarinZ is an Award-winning art director with deep expertise in Adobe CS. Expected to graduate from NYU's ITP program spring 2020. Glad to share practical tools for life-advancement with a chill, optimistic and radically honest point of view

Here's a selection of client work I did remotely, using tools I'll be teaching in this workshop:

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