Alizarin is an award-winning,
internationally recognized art director.

Always able to incorporate her colorful style into
mind-changing interactive campaigns.

Bringing a combination of innovative thinking,
hands-on-design skills and positive attitude.


  • Savvy digital nomad. Lived and travelled across 4 continents. Engaged in travel blogging and photography.

  • Contributed interactive art pieces to international music festivals including Burning Man, PEX and Playadise.

  • Fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian. 

Fascinated by clients who think outside the box​

  • Designed web, infographics and ebooks for leading data science startups, such as Sailthru, 1010data, and datahug 

  • Produced UI and branding for educational technology tools including Stanford University, Hubitus and Rhizi

  • Served in the Israel Air Force Academy as an Instructor of physics and mathematics

  • Skilled in multitude of art techniques from illustration to video editing and VJ. Master of current design and marketing programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Unity, Microsoft Office, Marketo, Wix and more.  Fluent in HTML, CSS, AS2, AS3 and Javascript. 

Committed to clients who benefit society

Visionary production companies

Art gallery

Chocolate fashionistas



A documentarist & storyteller

founded a mega-blog with millions of organic views and led viral campaigns
Filmed a life-journal into a 50-episode prime-time documentary TV format
Contributed to Israel's most wide-spread publications as columnist and a chief designer
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Enthusiastic with innovation

  • Constantly making independent art using 3D printing, laser cutting and physical computing

  • Interested in the way science and technology affect humanity

  • Looking to work with clients from the fields of travel, education, renewable energy and alternative lifestyle and fashion

  • Happy to get involved with projects that leverage modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality

Based in NYC, Will travel for the right opportunity

2010 - present

2010 - present

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