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Alizarin's Travel Blog

About the Project:

​ began as Alizarin's personal life journal at her teenage years, and became a widespread online phenomena on the Israeli web.

With posts that are sometimes provocative, but always funny, moving and honest, the blog reached millions of views. Later on evolved into an independent online artist community and into a travel blog dedicated to Alizarin's world-wide adventures with her family. It attracts  thousands of loyal followers with every new post. 


Tom Eshchar (co-writing, photography), Dor Garbash (concept, business development), Dan Kashani (creative collaboration), Tal & Omer Golan (web development), and many more. hosted Parties and culture events in Tel Aviv
Commercial campaigns hosted at is well-known for it's breakthroughs in the field of online advertising.

During the years, has led viral campaigns for clients from the fields of lifestyle, fashion and technology.

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