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Hack Our Campaign

Burgeranch, the Combina meal: Outsmarting Our Costumers 

Israeli Advertising Association "Golden Cactus" Award Winner

Golden Drum Award Finalist

New York Festivals Finalist

About the Project:




The Hack campaign shows the power of rumor and online conversation over standard display ads. 

Combina is an Israeli phrase which means “Outsmarting the system and getting something out of it”. In English, it means you’re Punk-ing someone.

A witty prank, widespread with the help of social media, made the crowds think they outsmarting the system into getting freebies by cheating in an impossible quiz. The result: the crowds flocking Burgeranch, claiming their "hacked" meal, and raising the sales by 20%. 

My Part in the campaign was art directing, hands-on design, and motion graphics design. 

BurgerRanch, a leading fast food chain

McCann Erickson, Israel

Nir Refuah (VP Creative), Danna Blum (Creative Director), Dana saka Lapinski (Copywriter)

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