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What's Your Flavor? 

The first online-user generated campaign in Israel

Won the Israeli Advertising Association Award

"Golden Cactus", 2008

About the Project:




An underground fashion production by Alizarin at her freshman year in college was published on her popular blog ( and became into the most wide-spread viral campaign Israel have seen by then.

The concept:

Along with the photographer Dor Garbash, we produced a wild, rough take-off on the conventional offline campaign for Pilpel bathing suites. While the model from the catalogue licked ice cream, I chew on a chicken, etc.

For a week, my personal blog was dedicated to the campaign, and each of the photos that was posted got hundreds of comments. It was featured all over the local media, including business-magazine covers.

The Result:

The campaign was featured all over the Israeli media. The sales of Pilpel increased by 35%. Finally, the campaign won a Cactus award, for innovative use of new media. 

Dor Garbash (photography), Maayan Wislizki (make-up)

Pilpel bathing suits

TBWA, Israel

Promote your brand with a revolutionary interactive campaign

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