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The Feigling Tree

A viral social media activity 



About the Project:

Alizarin's birthday party was sponsored by Feigling, a delicious alcoholic beverage. The purpose was to create a Significant, positive Visibility to out sponsor - and have some fun on the go. 

To promote the party and the beverage, we invited all the photographers we know to come and enjoy the party - and win freebies from Feigling. In return, we asked them to put Feigling's logo on the photos they uploaded to facebook.

6 professional photographers and dozens of amateurs uploaded hundreds of branded photos. 

Feigling, a fig vodka

Dor Garbash (Production), Tomer Kazinitz (Video)

By sponsoring Alizarin's epic party in the mythological Block club in Tel Aviv, Feigling spread its branded content all over the local social media

Promote your brand with a revolutionary interactive campaign

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