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Alizarinz Hollywood Spring Break

360° Immersive Easy and Chill

Stretch Workout and Tan Routine

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Workout and Tan Workshop ;) Most easy, safe, calm and chill 19min stretch routine that you can follow along - or not, since I'm not an actual trainer. Drag and drop the video to look around!


This Workout and Tan Workshop is ideal for sunny outdoor conditions, but you can do it at home, on your screen, phone, or indoor dome.

This video is edited from exclusive, never-published 360° footage I took exactly a year ago, at a sunny spring break in LA. This practical, good vibe film experiments with an intimate format different than anything I've ever seen. It's not a story or a guide, but rather an immersion. It's aim is to chill you down, make you move, and keep your wellness levels up high. 

Alizarinz Hollywood Spring Break

is also available for AlizarinZ Patreon subscribers

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