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Invest in Me, Michael

Self promotional viral campaign: convincing a millionaire to invest in my education - with the power of social media.

​Campaigning for education​

When I’ve been admitted to NYU’s next academic year of the interactive telecommunications program, I knew I can’t afford the tuition. However, I don’t believe the lack of money should hold me back from pursuing my dream. I BELONG to the interactive telecommunications field - so I launched a campaign, using my social media skills.

One-man Audience: Michael I Roth

I designed an infographic poster which is targeted to one man: Mr. Michael I Roth. I googled him, and found him to be the most suitable investor for a cause such as my education. Mr. Roth is not only a millionaire: he’s the CEO of IPG, the company that owns McCann Worldgroup - where I’ve been working since 2010. I did the only thing that seemed crazy enough to succeed: I asked him to help fund my studies. In return, I’m offering myself as a better employee he can place anywhere in the world upon graduation.

Then, I posted the poster on Facebook, and asked everyone to share it, until it reaches Mr. Roth.

The Result:

The campaign, which cost nothing to produce, spread across the internet. In less than 24 hours, Thousands of people clicked “like” and hundreds found it inspiring enough to share, comment, and write Michael heartfelt testimonials convincing him to invest in me. It was covered by Israel’s biggest news websites and tv news bulletins. The campaign sparked a conversation in the European media and blogosphere as well, after a story about it was published in Der Spiegel Magazine. 

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