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A new approach to DJing: an interactive party

About the Project:

We wanted to make a really good party, but waren't sure what our crowd like more: rock or pop. So we created the first interactive party in Barzilay club in Tel Aviv, and called it Rock-O-Pop. 

How does it work? The DJ/VJ screened a multiple choice question on the walls, and the audience was to decide with its actions - which song, genere or artist will be played next.  The result: hundreds of party people acting childish  and do as say to get they're favorite band playing! 

The interactive concept with was later hosted also in the Comfort club. 

My part in this party line was graphic concept/design, and of course - DJing. 



Dor Garbash (Production), Elad Magadasi (After Effects)

Graphic Design by Alizarin

Order original interactive art

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