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Viral Virtue

Learn how to channel the power of the internet to promote causes that truly matter. A tipsy talk and creative workshop with Alizarin Waissberg. BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop)


How many pixels does it take to start a revolution? At this Think and Drink Different night we shall discuss and create some new media. It’s your opportunity to take a dive into the world of viral phenomena and maybe start your own!


Learn how to utilize the endless possibilities of the internet


  • Gain professional insight about online marketing

  • Be moved by showcases of personal and social causes that have succeeded via virtue of virality

  • Create eye-catching designs to support your own cause

  • Use online tools to spread your word effectively


Alizarin Waissberg is an award-winning interactive art director, fascinated with the connection between the human and the machine. Bringing a variety of examples for significant achievements enabled by the online media, she’d like to give you insight, inspiration and help you utilize the innate tools on your devices and fingertips to promote your cause on the web.


Think and drink different


The go to event series when plain drinking won’t satisfy your intellectual needs. Think and drink different is an Initiative that brings selected thought-leader lecturers to stimulate your minds through discussion and debate concerning the arts, media, and enviroment issues. Over a drink.

Hurry and reserve your spot, guest list is limited.

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