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Sacred Temple


Cerebral Femininity

An immersive environment embracing the essence of cerebral femininity: the ability to conceive, birth and nurture ideas.
Contact AlizarinZ to install Sacred Temple of Cerebral Femininity at your event or venue
As Presented at the ITP Winter Show
Explore Your Divine
Feminine Essence
Through Original Art
Set up Sacred Temple of Cerebral Femininity at your venue. Contact AlizarinZ to learn more
  • Avatar and motion capture with Oliver Rose
  • fabric design by Jennifer Taves 
  • Space Healing Dance performance by Laura Escalante
  • Reiki by Hila the healer
  • Electric engineering by Uriel Guy
  • Wearables by Yaya Cohen
  • Hanging @gabnij and @therealchickenpatty
Transform any  environment
with light and video art.
Book a transformation
for your event or venue
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Immersive Experience by AlizarinZ


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