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Alizarin is an organic compound used as a red pigment. It is one of the earliest known dyes, and was the first natural pigment to be duplicated synthetically.

The word originated from French alizarine, probably from Arabic al-῾iṣāra: “pressed juice”.

Space-and-time traveling storyteller, currently based in New York. 

Fascinated with the connection between the human and the machine, language, code, natural sciences, physical computing and anything pink and juicy. 

interactive art director


Original Art

Alizarin is a visionary artist obsessed with technology, nature,
and their interweaving with culture and the human body


Fluent in mediums including AR and VR, wearable electronics,
video art, painting, animation, sculpture and more 

Artist Statement

...Born in the crumbling former Soviet Union and raised in conflict-stricken Israel,
Alizarin's work is a rebellious act of positivity against a turbulent existence.  

  Alizarin’s style ranges widely between whimsical kawaii, through illusory psychedelia to figurative hyper-realism

Read entire artist statement and generate your own artist statement on Alizarinz' blog,

Meditation Tunnel
Hypnotic unicorn rides in VR offering hyper-relaxation
Sqoosh Farms
Art toy design and fabrication, 3D modeling, and entertainment format ideation
Sacred Temple of Cerebral Femininity
Video sculpture series transforming any environment into an immersive space celebrating femininity in it’s whole might
Glitter Shores
Post-apocalyptic AR experience starring artist Cacia Zoo, presented at NYC Media Lab
Queenz Greenz
Raising awareness to the ecological benefits of urban gardening. Gifted at Figment art festival, NYC
Wanderer Passport
The ultimate travel document. Gifted at Burning Man, Nevada and PEX music festival, Pennsylvania

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Commercial Work

 Alizarin brings thoughtful and artful approach to branding and marketing design

supplying high-end clients with the extravagant look and feel
necessary to stand above competition and achieve desired sales results

Dakota Jackson Website

Responsive and mobile website for luxury furniture designer Dakota Jackson, known for his long-lasting partnership with Steinway and Sons Piano company


A Design Mastermind project         Visit Website

360° creative marketing design and production, promoting a B2B CX platform for fashion brands
Branding and responsive UI design for the US' leading event industry publication database
Interactive video concept and interface design, Launching
L'Oréal Paris' hair products collection

The Art & Science of Marketing

Sailthru Lift

Motion, presentation and marketing design for a professional tech convention held at the Brooklyn Museum 

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 Alizarin's offerings include, but are not limited to:

and marketing design
Web design
and development
Art direction
for any medium
pro art and design
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Alizarin's calling is to work with clients that promote healthy living,
with focus on nutrition, physical activity and mental health.

Alizarin believes in science, biotechnology and medicine first,
yet strictly open-minded for alternative and holistic approaches.

Brooklyn Minds
Presentation, print and storefront mural for Brooklyn's most forward-thinking mental health clinic
New Pharm WinterWish
Gift campaign for israel's leading pharma chain
Health Insurance
Travelers Health Insurance campaign for Clalit, Israel
Ynet Sports
Israel’s widespread sports publication design
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Altered States Integration graphic art r

Altered States Integration

Branding and graphic art for a peer-coaching practice, specializing in integration of psychedelic and non-ordinary state experiences

Design Empowering Entrepreneurs

Independent entrepreneur, coach, or a small business owner? 
Alizarin provides all-graphic-standards branding and design to get your business running online and on social media

Crazy Fun Finance
Responsive web design making finance coaching enjoyable and approachable. A Design Mastermind studio project
Anna Urnova
Career coach web development, a DM project
Branding for an award-winning playful chocolatier
Effy Blue
Branding and art for an unconventional relationship coach
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Reduced rates for womXn entrepreneurs

and ecologically-conciouss, cruelty free, fair-trade businesses

Rockstar Designer

Your all-in-one destination for art direction and design with an edge

Alizarin is enthusiastic about music, culture, film and working with fellow artists. Happy to bring unconventional thinking and wide skill set to compliment your masterpiece with branding, web, CD cover design, video art direction and motion design 

Karolina Rose
Logo, CD cover and lyric video for indie singer-songwriter
Graphic design for Brooklyn's avant-garde performance art gallery
LBNY Productions
Interactive design for international rock concerts production company
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Bob Dylan Interactive
Interactive and graphic design for a groundbreaking, award winning interactive video clip, directed by Vania Heyman, concept by Daniel Barak
I Feel
Resident designer for New York's monthly costume parties and music festivals by Carmel Producers, providing web, flyer and motion design


Prior to unconventional thinking, Alizarin is a firm believer of academic education. 

You must know the rules in order to break them ;)

Design reimagining education

Alizarin’s design projects leveraging innovative technology for education clients

UI and marketing design for a video app geard for remote coworking
Stanford Power Of Story
Interactive video design for Stanford University’s storytelling course
Logo design for a skyrocketing tutoring app, as featured on ABC news
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Alizarin's Official Diplomas

Entire résumé >

NYU, ITP Graduate

Masters Degree from New York University's prestigious Interactive Telecommunication Program

Shenkar Undergrad

Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art , Israel

Thesis Project Highlights


@AlizarinZ on Social Media

Alizarin's concious cyborg feed of delicious new designs, thoughts and adventure snapshots