An award-winning interactive art director
specializing in creative marketing, motion and graphic art

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AlizarinZ Guide for 

Your First Day Working Remotely!

Expert digital nomad advice


 360° Immersive Easy and Chill Workout since you can follow along, or not - since I'm not an actual trainer

Your guide to navigating sex-positive spaces with grace, respect and consent - illustrated by Alizarinz


Commercial Work

Award-winning interactive campaigns for innovative marketers, rock stars, and cultural phenomena

  • UI/UX design

  • Omnichannel design for web, mobile, tablet, email and social media

  • Landing pages design and optimization

  • Banner ads design and animation

  • Video editing

  • Video and still photography

  • Photo-retouching

  • Presentation design

  • Logo design

  • Collateral & Ebook design

  • Flyer and poster design

  • Infographics


Original Art

A fusion of fine art and new media with a playful twist

  • Interactive art

  • Painting and Illustration

  • Photography and photo-editing

  • Exclusive adult art section

  • Body painting

  • 18+ only

  • Books and documents

  • Prints and fashion

  • Commission art



Alizarin is an organic compound used as
a red pigment. It is one of the earliest known dyes, and was the first natural pigment to

be duplicated synthetically.

The word originated from French alizarine, probably from Arabic al-῾iṣāra: “pressed juice”.

Space-and-time traveling storyteller, currently based in New York. 

Fascinated with the connection between the human and the machine, language, code, natural sciences, physical computing and anything pink and juicy. 

interactive art director

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